Making a logo with artificial intelligence

Making a logo with artificial intelligence

A logo is a necessary attribute and “face” of any commercial enterprise. It should be original and carry the maximum amount of useful information – the specifics of activity, the name. Its development requires a creative and creative approach.

Today, to create a logo do not have to go to professional artists. Artificial Intelligence is able to cope with such a task – AI logo generator in software format has been successfully created and is available for everyone. It works in online format and does not require significant computer power.

How an AI logo works

 A company logo or brand label is an officially registered trademark. Its sketch is electronically submitted to the appropriate office and checked for plagiarism. It is developed as an original image, but must include certain generally accepted parameters:

The text part – the name of the company.

Image – graphics with a certain semantic load.

The descriptor – a slogan or a motto.

Artificial Intelligent AI logo – a designer, capable of selecting thousands of options, taking into account the parameters specified by the user. The developer does not need to be a professional web designer and have the knowledge of a programmer. Generator selects the original ideas using a unique software algorithm. For image design, 2 options of graphics are used:

Raster – a two-dimensional drawing format in the form of a grid of square pixels or a rectangular matrix. Sketching is available both on the computer monitor and on paper.

Vector-based – based on creating mathematical models of elements and details of the future image. Graphs are constructed with the help of software.

Artificial Intelligence has access to millions of already existing logos. It selects the appropriate variant and independently makes adjustments to it. Which completely eliminates significant coincidences, allowing to identify the created project as a copy. Additional adjustments made by the user will be taken into account by the program for further selection of suitable options.

 Logo generator with Cyrillic characters

 Most domestic users are interested in the AI logo creator that works with the Cyrillic alphabet. The logo generator Turbologo (Turbologo) is considered an optimal option for these purposes. The maximum simple functionality, as it should be for an intelligent system, will allow anyone to develop a logo. The algorithm includes only five steps of setting tasks:

Data – name, type of activity, slogan.

Color design – up to 3 colors.

Icons format – five variants for the basis of the future image.

Acquaintance with the choice of service – several thumbnails will be offered.

Selection and editing (if necessary).

The finished logo is downloaded electronically or printed on paper and submitted for registration. The main advantage of Turbologo is the affordability of using the resource. The user pays only for one, the final option he or she chooses from numerous offers.

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